Caroline Lapere Archon Architects Sebastopol CA

Caroline Lapere

Caroline was born in Kortrijk, Belgium and received her degree in 1984 as Architect from the Hoger Architectuurinstituut Sint-Lucas, Ghent, Belgium. Adventure called oversees where her career as architect took wings in an architectural firm in Austin, TX.

During 2 years in Austin, she worked on large scale hospital and school projects. In 1986, she moved again further west to Mendocino, CA where she joined a small architectural and engineering firm. There the scope of projects varied largely; from schools to museums and residences. Her responsibilities and experiences included both the architectural and engineering aspects of construction.

In 1988 Caroline relocated to Sebastopol, Ca. where she started her own firm and family while building her personal home with her husband. Still in progress this residence has become a refinement of detail and craftsmanship over the last 18 years. Utilizing both hammer and T-square during the construction of her residence and studio has given her tremendous practical insight into the construction process. This experience has resulted in Caroline’s unique ability to combine both the designer’s and builder’s expertise in finding practical and esthetic solutions for her client’s projects.

An interest in alternative design took shape 15 years ago with the design of her first solar home located in Mendocino County. Caroline converted her home and studio to solar power in 2001. To parallel her own philosophy and the recent trends in energy consciousness, she obtained her Green Building Professional Certificate from Sonoma State University. Caroline realizes that as all projects have multiple layers of complexity, it is easy to incorporate some aspects of architectural sustainability within each design. It is her goal to make every project as earth friendly as the budget allows.